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Legal notices

1. Preamble

Cureety is a private company that developed a software solution in the medical field. In this context, Cureety has developed and made available to its partner healthcare establishments a remote monitoring software medical device in oncology, which aims to improve the care of cancer patients.

2. General Conditions of Use of Cureety Digital Services

1. Purpose of the General Conditions of Use in place

2. Definition

Aux fins des présentes :

  • “CUREETY Digital Services” means all the Digital Services offered by Cureety particularly, but unexclusively, through the following website http://www.cureety.com

3. Cureety Digital Services use

1. Cureety Digital Services use

Each of the Users commits to respect and not to misuse Cureety Digital Services procedures and therefore, he pledges to use these services in accordance with their purpose.

2. Prohibition of any advertisement activity

Each of the Users commits to renounce any advertisement activity on Cureety Digital Services.

3. Intellectual property

  • By respecting the integrity of quoted information
  • By mentioning the source of the information
  • By mentioning that the reproductive rights are reserved and strictly limited

4. Contenus illicites

  • Notification date
  • If the notifier is a natural person: his surname, first name, profession, domicile, nationality, date and place of birth
  • If the notifier is a legal person: its form, its name, its headquarters address and the body that legally represents him
  • The precise description of the alleged events and their precise location
  • The reasons why the content should be removed

Cureety SAS commits to take all appropriate measures if it finds that evaluated content contrary to public order and morality or to the purpose of the Digital Health Services.

5. Preservation of the integrity of Cureety Digital Services

Each of the Users respects the security instructions specific to each of the Cureety Digital Services.

The voluntary introduction, propagation or execution of malicious code within information systems is strictly prohibited.

6. Service Improvement

Each users commits to contribute to the improvement of Cureety Digital Services, by reporting any malfunctions and, if necessary, by proposing any improvements:

7. Acceptance of cookies

The use of Cureety Digital Services may generate the installation of cookies, with the aim of facilitating the use of the Service and can be used to evaluate the users behavior on the platform.

The User is informed about the cookies through a notification box.

By continuing to browse or accepting the installation of cookies, the User accepts the installation of cookies on his used device.

4. Data use

1. Patient Information/Consent

Each Professional User, who is fully informed of the rights of patients with regard to the use of health data, is exclusively responsible for informing patients before pre-registering them and, if necessary, he is held responsible for obtaining a written patient consent before any data use/exchange through Cureety Digital Services. .

Each Patient User has the option:

  • To request the withdrawal of his account from the Digital Health Service
  • To prohibit one or more Professional Users from accessing their personal data

This option is executed upon simple written request made by the User-Patient, to (i) Cureety SAS site administrator or (ii) to one of the Professional Users involved in its treatment.

2. Respect of patients' rights

3. Data retention

The data collected during the use of Cureety digital health services is kept for a period of 20 years.

4. Personal data processing

5. Non-harmful use

Each User is prohibited from making harmful or malicious use of the data of Cureety Digital Health Services.

In particular, each of the Users commits to abstain from collecting or storing data related to other Users.

5. Access to Cureety Digital Services

1. Access to Cureety portal

Cureety digital services are accessible via the Cureety portal at https://app.cureety.com.

Users wishing to connect their Cureety accounts are required to pass through an identification process:

  • By means of short-lasting, single-use code, delivered upon user request by email or SMS.

2. User obligations related to the provided data

1. Users identification

2.Sincerity and punctuality of provided data

3.Access log

4.Access restriction

6. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

1. Exclusion of any liability related to third-party sites and services

The Cureety Digital Services may contain links to third-party sites. Cureety SAS, which has no control over these sites, cannot be held responsible for the availability of these sites or their content.

2. Exclusion of any liability due to Internet limitations

  • In the case of any modification, suspension, voluntary or involuntary interruption, total or partial unavailability of Cureety Digital Services
  • The reliability of data transmission, access times, possible restrictions of the Internet network or connected networks
  • In the event of an interruption of network access to Cureety Digital Services, or in the event of any transmission error related to transmission security or to the failure of connection of used equipments, telephones or routers

3. Exclusion of any liability due to the Internet limitations

4. Health data hosting.

Each Users declares being fully informed that Cureety SAS, which is not a health data host, uses, when necessary, an approved third-party host.

Consequently, Cureety SAS cannot be held responsible for data retention, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions related to the hosting of health data.

5. Limitation of Liability.

Cureety SAS is not responsible, in any case, for any compensation related to any bodily injury. For all other damages excluding those mentioned previously, the liability of Cureety SAS is strictly limited to the damage directly caused by the concerned Service.

7. Miscellaneous

1. Nullity

2. Conflict between related parties

3. Site management and legal notices

The site http://www.cureety.com is managed and edited by Cureety SAS headquartered at 33 rue de l'amirauté, 22100 DINAN.

As such, Cureety SAS is:

3. Special Conditions of Use of the “Cureety ONCOLOGY” Service

1. Presentation of the Cureety ONCOLOGY service

2. Access to the Cureety ONCOLOGY Service

1. Registration obligation

2. Authentication

  • A verification email is sent to the user to confirm his contact details
  • The service is only accessible once to authorized User.
  • For future connections, Users must, if applicable:
  • Use their personal identification information (username / password) to log in to Cureety application

Log in information is issued confidentially on strictly personal basis.

However, the User may, if necessary and under his sole responsibility, authorize a third party to assist him in the use of the Service.

The User commits to inform Cureety SAS without delay:

  • Of any change in his personal situation in comparison to those provided at the time of issuing the login credentials.

  • Any use of his personal account by an unauthorized third party.


4. Unsubscribe process

4. Health data hosting

5. Personal data analysis

  • The purpose of data processing is virtual healthcare monitoring.
  • The recipients of the data collected through the use of Cureety SAS are healthcare professionals and patients benefiting from Cureety services.
  • The processed data is kept for the duration of the legal period
  • No transfer of personal data is planned or intended to a non-Member State of the European Union.
  • The right to object, for legitimate reasons, the processing of related personal data
  • The right to demand, from the data editor, to rectify, complete, update, block or delete related personal data, which is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated, or whose collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited
  • The possibility of requiring, for a legitimate reason, the deletion of all related data
  • The possibility of defining directives related to the storage, erasure and communication of his personal data after his death

6. Personal data processing

7. Responsibility

In addition to the provisions of article 6 hereof:

Cureety SAS is only responsible for the content it has published.

Cureety SAS cannot under any circumstances be held responsible:

  • In the event of technical, computer or compatibility problems and failures of the application with any hardware or software.
  • Direct or indirect, material or immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable damage resulting from the use or difficulties in using the application. Any bodily injury is excluded.
  • Constitutive characteristics of the internet.
  • Users content or illicit or illegal activities in the application use

The Users are responsible for:

  • Protection of their equipment and data. Users commit to inform Cureety SAS without delay of any use by an unauthorized third party of their account.
  • The use they make of the application and in particular the content they communicate to any third party through Cureety ONCOLOGY.
  • Respect for patient rights, in particular Users are responsible for informing patients in advance of the use of health data.
  • The retention of information collected and processed when using the Cureety ONCOLOGY Service. In particular, they commit, in this regard, to record and keep these obligations in the files of the concerned patients.
  • In case of failure in the respect of the T&Cs in force.

8. Service improvement and point of contact

Users commit to contribute to the improvement of the application, by reporting any malfunctions and, if necessary, by suggesting any improvement to Cureety by writing to the following email address: support@cureety.com